3 Weeks Remain of our Regular Menu & Features
before the Thanksgiving Menu Changeover

Soup du Jour
Dinner Main
Dinner Aquatic
Dinner Side
Chef's Dessert

Sweet Corn and New Potato Chowdah
Beef Tenderloin & Tiger Shrimp Shishkebab
Seafood Jambalaya with Grilled Tiger Shrimp, Rice & Cornbread
Caribbean Fried Pumpkin
Caramel Apple Cheesecake

Now Accepting Reservations for our Thanksgiving Dinner Feast October 6-9.
Seatings are at 1pm, 4pm and 7pm.

Click Here for our Thanksgiving 2017 Menu
As always portions are limited and may be reserved at the time of table booking.

About Us
On the banks of the Wye River, sits a large building from 1830, which began as the General Store and Post Office.   - see more -
Lunch Menu
Enjoy a fresh and delicious lunch in our TreeArt dining room, or relax in the welcoming and peaceful garden of our riverside patio.   - see menu -
Dinner Menu
Our dishes are made from scratch using local produce and organic meats. Along with BBQ, we also offer 8Ė10 vegetarian options.   - see menu -

Baking Orders
Our bakery makes a variety of pies, cakes and pastries from scratch. We also offer our delicious Gluten-Free and Diabetic cookies.   - see items -
Condiments & Preserves
Bring a taste of Mad Michaelís home with you. Unique condiments and preserves from organic, locally grown fruits and vegetables.   - see items -
Michael's TreeArt
Mad Michaelís home and garden decor is made from branches and twigs. Visit us and see the mad genius of Michaelís TreeArt!   - see items -

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Lunch Menu
Dinner Menu
Baking Orders
Condiments & Preserves
Thanksgiving 2017 Menu
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